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Fredi Alberti, Stuttgart, 1998

Fredi Alberti's "Soundmaschine" 7", self-released in 1977

Fredi Alberti featured on "Artfusion" magazine, Spring 1981

Hand-crafted organ designed, built and played by Sholto Dobie, sounding at Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius

Dr. Truna with his home-made "Globotarra" portrayed by Andrés Blasco

"Mueble hackeado sonando" by Eli Gras

"L I lla Natural" en pose by Eli Gras

Enrique's pattern examples transferred and printed on celluloid films

Fredi's most recent album, "Space Cello"

At Fredi's studio

Fredi's "Glockenschlag" 7", self-released in 1981 - composing sound improvisation into great church acustic, ending in bells fortune, ambient recording at Burgkirche Ingelheim...

Pelayo Arrizabalaga extreme turntabilism performance

Sholto testing his organ's pipes

"Atril del Futuro" by Dr. Truna

Pelayo y Eli clonados vía tampón - "Duplicat" CDr edited by La Olla Express

Enrique del Castillo performing at Aptitudes Sonoras - La Rámbla, Córdoba, Spain

"Umbráfonos" - analog optical readers designed and built by Enrique del Castillo

Repetitive shapes mechanically turned into sound - detailed snapshot of Enrique's "Umbráfono" performing

Fredi Alberti's home-made amplifier with integrated "Electro-Harmonix" effect

B-side etchings on Fredi Alberti's "Glockenschlag", intervened by Joseph Beuys' students, "Caution! D'ont play this side. Hear with your eyes!"

Pelayo and his turntables portrayed by Gary Soskin

"Toro Cósmico" by Dr. Truna

"Angel, mueble enjuto multifónico" by Eli Gras

"Xiloplant, metalófono ensortijado" by Eli Gras

More of Enrique's films